Masonic Santa Program


Some of the members from Solomon Lodge were expressing a desire to do more. They wanted to be more involved in their community and in a way that would really make a difference. It was brought to their attention by one of the Brothers that a local church, Brushy Creek Baptist Church, was assisting families at Christmas with food, clothing and toys. Once they saw how great the need was, an idea was born. Why not focus on the children? Working with the church, a list of children of the families the church was assisting was gathered and on that list were the “wishes” of the children. But how were they going to get the gifts to the children? The idea of “Masonic Santa” was born. The Lodge was able to allot $500 to buy these “wishes”. They gathered, with their wives and members of the Eastern Star, Chapter 578, at the local Wal-Mart and went shopping. That’s how it all began. It started with 62 children in 2004. In 2006 the children numbered 93 with $1600 made available from the Lodge, various organizations and individuals for the gifts.

The children and parents are invited to come to the Lodge where they are greeted by Grandma Christmas who takes them into the Lodge room where Masonic Santa, in all his blue and white glory, is seated in the East. He is surrounded by Christmas trees and presents specifically picked and labeled by name for each child. They climb up on Santa’s knee for a visit, have their picture taken and receive their gifts. Then they return to the dining room where they can have hot dogs, cookies, and a drink while they wait for their picture to be printed and delivered. In addition to filling their tummy’s they are provided with arts and crafts projects that consist of ornament making and other holiday themed activities.
The children may have received the physical gifts, but the greatest gift is actually received by the Masons and those involved with creating this day. It is hard to describe how good it makes a person feel to see the joy and happiness brought to these children. This program also another way for us to bring the community into our Lodge to show others that we are good folks trying to make the world a better place to be.

At Solomon Lodge we see no end to this joyous event and always take the opportunity to share our program ideas with other lodges across the state and even the country! If you would like more information about this or any of our programs please feel free to send us a message and we will do our best to answer all of your questions.