About Us

Know Thyself Marble

Welcome to Solomon Masonic Lodge #484!

First please come join us if you are interested in Masonry. We meet as a group with our families and friends for a meal on the Second Thursday of each month at 6:30 P.M. Then we have a stated meeting afterwards for our members and visitors from other recognized lodges. We also meet at every Tuesday at 7:00 P.M. to practice and enjoy each other’s company.

Solomon Masonic Lodge has a rich history beginning with our first Worshipful Master Daniel Moody, former Mayor of Taylor and father of Dan Moody the 30th Governor of Texas. Our officer’s line is composed primarily of members less than 50 years of age with the youngest being in his mid 20’s. We have an active group who has bonded both inside and outside of the lodge room. This bond is what Masonry is about. It is a bond that few organizations or groups can claim, and of those, none have the rich history that Freemasonry does. We are not a charity even though many Brothers, Lodges, Grand Lodges and Masonic organizations are involved in different charities and charitable events. The teachings, allegories, and symbolic messages do tend to make a Mason more charitable and reflective though. This is a brotherhood that is about making a good man better.

During the course of the year we sponsor a few events such as the Masonic Santa program for kids & their families in December, our annual golf tournament in May, then near the close of the school year we award college scholarships to deserving local high school seniors. These projects are funded through different fundraisers we hold during the year in addition to the contributions of our members, the Ben Hur Shrine, Brushy Creek Baptist Church and other stakeholders in the community. Our fundraisers would not be as successful as they are without the support of corporate sponsors and individuals, both Masons and non Masons coming together to make our community a better place.

There are many misconceptions involving Masonry. So first what are we? We are the world’s oldest fraternity, using allegories and symbols to remind us of moral lessons and ideals. Freemasonic groups and members donate over a million dollars a day to charity. We have members from all walks of life and require that all members believe in a supreme being. We are not concerned with what faith a man believes in or practices just simply that he does hold a belief that there is something greater out there. You will find a Holy Bible in all Texas lodges no matter the city. Our membership rolls have included priests, pastors, rabbis, presidents, actors, singers, mechanics, engineers, teachers, janitors, and pretty much any other profession you can think of. While we do use moral lessons rooted in the Old Testament we discuss neither theology nor politics within the lodge. These two topics have divided many people, groups, and organizations. Masonry is not a charity but the lessons contained herein tend to make one more charitable.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Hugh K. Tidwell
Senior Warden